About me

I am “the face behind the brand”, as they say. This is the page where you can find out a little bit more about what I do and why I am the best person to help you!  In other words, this is the “me me me!” page, whereas every other page on this website is focused on helping you!

I am a qualified personal trainer. I studied through Exercise Teachers Academy (ETA) in Durban. I have done courses in Vbox, Boot Camp, Tai Bo, aerobics and step aerobics.

My goal in life is to understand and help those who are overweight and have low self esteem. Feeling good often comes from feeling thinner and fitter. The feeling of your clothes being a little looser, the feeling of seeing yourself in photos and saying “WOW! That’s me?? I look good!” Those feelings are irreplaceable, and I am here to help you reach that peak!

To reach your goal, we plan together what your wants and needs are. I then put together a program just for you and we work on it together. I will be there to support & motivate you, my environment is very relaxed and fun and is in the comfort of a home gym where there are no other people around to watch you.  We use functional training as well as equipment and weights (don’t worry we wont make you muscular if you don’t want it 🙂 ) the weights are there to tone and by doing cardio you will lose the weight.

Always different exercises to keep you wondering! Give me a call or send me a mail and we can meet to discuss the rates.

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