It was not so long ago that I was living in my Mom’s extra bedroom, so I am really thankful to have found an arrangement that works for me. If you have been looking for Jackson apartments for rent lately then you realize pretty well that they do not come cheap around here. The place that I am living at now would cost well over twelve hundred dollars per month for a single bedroom unit. I can not manage that and even a two bedroom unit would be a hardship for me. That would be around six hundred and seventy dollars here after you split the rent with a roommate. Luckily for me I found these two guys that had lost their third roommate. They say the guy found a girlfriend and then he just vanished on them, leaving them holding the bag for his part of the rent. That is something you have to worry about when you get in one of these deals, but the savings really make it worth any risks for me. The share of the rent for me is going to be less than five hundred dollars, which is something well in my budget.

I am really looking forward to the last payment on my car loan. Four years ago I got one of the last of the 2012 model Camry’s, which is something my Dad would do. You buy the previous year’s model and that way you get a basically new vehicle for a used car price almost. In fact you drive the car off of the lot and it is going to depreciate in value. At any rate that car payment is a big pain for me and I am going to love it when it is out of the way. Of course once it is I shall have to save money for other stuff.

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