Many people have a chance to travel, but I haven’t been as fortunate as most people. By the time I became an adult, I had rarely left my own city. I met a guy online who lives in Minnesota, and we fell in love and married. While we looking for apartments in Edina this year, he playfully teased me because I kept saying that I could not believe that I was in Edina! He said that it was nice to see his see his city through my eyes and he knows that his state is the first one that I’ve traveled to outside of the one that I have lived in since birth. He’s promised me that we will be doing more traveling so that I can catch up with seeing a bigger view of our world.

I couldn’t have asked for a better person to meet and marry. My parents had tried to point out to me numerous times that I was not using good logic when dating the guys that I used to meet. I repeatedly missed red flags when first dating a number of men. Later, when those flags could no longer be ignored, I stayed with some really bad men because I so badly wanted things to work out. I brought drama and heartache in my life repeatedly as a result. I repeated that very same cycle over and over until I finally understood what I had been doing.

My husband and I have been married about seven months, and everything is going really well. I second guess myself at times because I worry that I will make mistakes that will really upset my husband. He knows that I am unsure of myself on many occasions in relationships, but he is patient and kind with me about it. He knows that I have had a somewhat sheltered life as well. He mentioned last week that he would love it if we go camping for our anniversary in four months, and he was tickled at how excited I am about going camping for the very first time. He’s being patient with all my naivety!

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